The Surprising Benefits of Singing Nursery Rhymes

When you sing a rhyme to your child then it is possible that you are telling the same tales told to you by your parents. That is the beauty of nursery rhymes. They go on from generation to generation. Remember the rhyme mary had a little lamb? Well, it was the first rhyme that was sung by the mother to me. If you go for a google search using famous christmas songs for children or a beautiful collection of nursery rhymes then you are likely to stumble upon a variety of rhymes that you may have heard during your childhood.

Determining the origin of these evergreen songs is an arduous task but nevertheless, they continue to charm us. These rhymes are like stories and have evolved over the centuries and now nobody knows if we are singing the original rhyme or not.

Well, we decided to do a little research on nursery rhymes and we found out that many of these songs were not made for children. Yes, you heard it right. But who could have made use of such rhymes? Many believe that these songs were part of an oral material that were practiced by ancient literature societies. Sounds interesting! The first time when such songs were used for children was in the early nineteenth century when rhymes began to be developed for young ones.

The sentimentalizing of childhood and the practice of romanticizing the relationship that a child has with his elders gave rise to this practice. The Victorian Society has a major role in forming the current section of rhymes used for kids. To be honest, rhymes are poems used by ancient kings and queens to express feelings of love to each other. This leads us to a question. If we are so far away from the time when the practice of using rhymes came into being then why do we continue to sing rhymes on a daily basis?

Importance of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are good for the brain. Most of the stories taught in a rhyme teach the use of language to young kids. Rhymes are essential for overall development of a child and I strongly believe that a number of necessary values are taught to kids during these sessions of learning nursery rhymes. Rhymes are full of oral and visual experience and every child deserves to get a piece of it.

The collection of nursery rhymes is a way of preserving a culture that has been going on for centuries. Rhymes are a way of telling people that no matter how advanced we become, we are little different from the generations that lived centuries ago. Hence, we can say that it has become a norm to teach rhymes to kids and it has to be said that every parent wants his or her child to learn a few nursery songs.

Rhymes can be done as a group activity. Again, this can be a great teacher for kids. As we have already mentioned in the previous sections, rhymes help in preparing kids for the entire schooling career. Basics of a lot of subjects, especially language are covered while learning rhymes. Rhymes help in increasing the imagination and creativity of the kids. They begin to develop their own actions for describing a rhyme.

Common, rhymes are fun. This is something everyone will agree with. No matter how childish they feel, most adults do not shy away from singing a rhyme with a kid or assisting the child in singing the rhyme. We hope that the tradition of teaching rhymes continue as it has done for centuries. For more information on rhymes and its benefits, you can refer to our previous articles.