IT Entrepreneur Anand Mishra

Anand Mishra Indian Entrepreneur is amongst the most decorated IT entrepreneurs in India. He has offered an immerse contribution in the IT sector being the founder Star Infranet. He developed this company out of his aspirations of coming up with solutions to IT related needs.

He has perfected his skills and he is open-minded and ready to gain more experience in the field. He joined this field at 17 years of age when he began programming. He was focused and later graduated with a Degree in Engineering and Computer Science. He became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. He has established various projects and some are still in the pipeline. He is an innovator who believes in hard work and focus.

His company has been in existence since 2010, and since then he has been able to link his company with different businesses which he offers his services. Well, he cannot manage the enterprise alone and therefore he has hired the services of experienced IT gurus. He leads the team in implementing and realization of set goals. To be at the forefront he ensures that all his projects meet the set standards and that his client is satisfied. His company focuses on aiding different media houses to establish their own digital space. These companies include The Sunday Guardian and NewsX.

Star Infranet is Located in Delhi and offers web services. These include website building, domain registration, web hosting, SQL databases, and e-commerce. Together with his team, they offer the best services which ensure they retain their customers and attract new clients.

Anand Mishra has been able to create his own brand in the IT sector and as CEO and founder of Star Infranet. He is an outstanding manager and leader and this has seen the growth of the company.