Magic Wand for a Baby

Babies are the best gift of God on this planet. They bring happiness in the family through their innocence and parents give their best to shower their love on their baby. Mother is the first teacher of their life as she starts training the baby since the time it is born. Babies don’t understand any language but still, they communicate to their mother through expressions only. As babies don’t understand us so we recite rhymes to pacify them.

These rhymes are either played or sung. Rhythmic lines attract them and they feel connected as music appeals every human being. So before learning the mother tongue babies learn about music and rhymes. Rhymes play a vital role in babies life as these rhymes later become part of their school curriculum. Not only school curriculum rather every person in this world remembers their some childhood rhymes which he or she sings for their baby. So everyone has an emotional bonding with these rhymes as they have to pass on these rhymes for babies to their next generation.

  • Lullaby

The growth of the newborn baby depends on the number of hours it sleeps. So a proper routine should be set for the baby especially sleeping time. Every child is different but one thing is common as a child wants to hear lullaby before sleeping. Lullaby is the first song or you can say rhyme for a baby.

This song pacifies your baby and makes him fall asleep. This song is not only a rhyme rather a piece of information or first lesson for your baby as it carries moral values. It is the first training to the baby for communication skills, music and expression. The lyrics of the lullaby are generally simple and repetitive. It is different in every country as per their mother tongue and tradition. It works as a magic wand for a baby.

  • Facts

According to the general study, it is found that lullaby helps you to distress yourself leaving you hale and hearty. Studies conducted by doctors also prove that gentle words and music work as a therapy for the perfect cardiac and respiratory functions.

It helps premature babies to recover fast as these heart touching rhymes for babies make them take to feel good and sleep. So babies are blessing to parents and these rhymes are blessing to babies.