Never give up! Some Inspirational Success Stories of Successful Businessmen

Many of us look for inspirational stories of a successful businessman that inspires the hidden entrepreneur in us. Although starting and managing a business is quite tough, it is very much possible and also it is worthwhile to pursue. There are many successful businessmen such as Kartikeya Sharma India News founder found his success with hard work and dedication. Not every businessman found their way to success in the first round. This article will take a look at some successful businessman stories.

A look at some successful businessman stories:

Bill Gates: Although Bill Gates is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in the world, he had to take the tough way to achieve the success he currently has. He entered the scene with a company called Traf o data. This idea was a disaster. However, this was not the stop sign for the business man and he went on to try out the other business idea and finally arrived at the Microsoft business idea that led him to his success.

Walt Disney: the creative genius was told that he lacked enough creativity to do work for the newspaper. He went on to start his first animation company. His company went on to shut down and he went to Hollywood to look for success, where he was more criticized and faced failure again until he launched his first film that gained an immense popularity that led him to his success.

Steve jobs: Steve jobs also had to face the dreaded failure in his life when he was fired from his own company, Apple. He went on to launch another company called NeXT, which eventually was acquired by his former company Apple and he found his way back to Apple and take this brand to a new height of success.

Milton Hershey: This chocolate magnate had to start three other chocolate companies which failed, later on launching Hershey’s, which led him to his success.